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Connecting To Joy - Module 2 by Dr Shivi Rayar

Are you ready to ignite your joy within and connect with what truly sparks happiness in your life? Join me in Module 2 of the "Connecting To Your Joy" course and discover how to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. In this module, we'll explore :

Lesson 1: How to connect with what sparks JOY for you?

Lesson 2: What disconnects you from your joy and provide you with practical tools to overcome those obstacles.

Lesson 3: Offerings of Joy to Yourself -You'll learn how to identify the offerings of joy that resonate with your soul, and how to make time for these offerings in your daily life.

Lesson 4: Whispers of Your Soul (Intuitive brain/heart)

Through a guided practical exercise and reflective journaling,  you'll tap into the whispers of your soul and unlock the power of your intuition. 

So join me on this journey of self-discovery and let's ignite your joy within!

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